Purple leather | Outfit

3 dic. 2012

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This day I couldn't find my biker jacket and I was really sad, I really wanted to wear this with a biker jacket, so I went thru my mom's closet and I found this pretty purple leather jacket, weird, isn't? That day I found a lot of interesting things I didn't know they exist (you will see a few of them in the upcoming looks) and I have to say, I saved a lot of money thanks my mother's closet, she have a lot of things I was looking for.
About the look, I think is one of my favorites, simple, fun, colorful. I don't think that being simple is about being monochromatic. And as always I have to admit I am in love-obsessed with this loafers, they are the perfect touch for this outfit! And I am wearing one of my new denims! This one is my favorite I like the "rocker" look in the print. What do you think? Do you like it?


is it good or bad?? O.O

LOVE your necklace!!


adoro :)