FW2012 Obsessions (1) | Fashion

15 dic. 2012

I've never been a trend follower, I just wear what I like, what I can afford and what fits me right. But it doesn't mean I can't be obsessed with some of the biggest trends out there, and well, being this my favorite season I find everything adorable and comfortable, I just want winter to last for ever.

I am a shoe lover, but it's really hard for me to find cute shoes without heel, I don't like flats neither tenis, so for fall/winter boots were my only option but this year I finally find 'flats' shoes that are flattering, chic and cute. Most people who wear loafers -myself included- will tell you that loafers are their favorite and most comfortable shoes. The versatility of loafers is another reason for their popularity, they can be worn with dressy pants or jeans even with dresses. They are equally suited for a party, office or a trip to the grocery store.

Leather isn't just for jackets, bags or boots anymore. Since the 'biker jacket' made its apparence I fell in love, but a leather jacket is not enough. This season leather skirts, vests and trousers are definitely a must, I love the 'rude' touch you can add to your outfit, also is perfect for the chill-street style, but what I love the most is that it still looks cute and a bit dressy. It is a luxurious material and looks good by itself.

The varsity jacket lives its second life in the streets, I think is quite hard to combine it without losing style and femininity, but is not impossible. The varsity jacket is totally versatile, you can use it with some jeans, dressy pants, a skirt or a girly dress, it only depends on your style and the way you want it to look. The opposites attract theory plays out perfectly with this trend, also it is very confortable, warm and way chic. There are so many styles, colors and shapes out there, I am sure you will find the perfect one for you!

Now tell me, which trend is your favorite right now?