Nogales, AZ. Winter Vacations | Diary

29 dic. 2012

So, I had a little-quick 3-day vacations with my dad. We went to Nogales, Arizona where 3 of my 5 brothers live. We had a pretty nice time, very calm, full of food and hugs. I have to say the weather was amazing! We weren't under 0 degrees but most of the time we had 5 degrees or something like that.

Of course it was good to see my brothers, but what I enjoyed the most was seeing my little nephews, can you believe it? I have 6 little nephews 3 boys and 3 girls. I leave you some instagram photos because, why not? By the way I feel in love with those peppermint cookies from starbucks but I can't find them in my city, I am quite sad. If you went visiting your family or they came to your house, I hope you really had a great time! Enjoy them, hug them and eat a lot together!