Gossip Girl | Obsession

18 dic. 2012

Thank you Gossip Girl for showing me the world, for teach me that I can achieve everything I believe in, thank you for teaching me a lot of fashion, in fact for showing me what fashion is...

I’m going to miss the killer cast, the gorgeous fashion and the heart wrenching drama. I’ve spent over a third of my life watching this show, I believe this is the only show I have been following since it came out. Now that it’s over I feel so weird. It’s been with me all through high school and my adulthood. This transition is inevitable and exciting but it is going to be hard to let go. It really is bittersweet.

Thank you Blair Waldorf for showing me how to fight for everything I want, for showing me that is not important to act like a lady, is important to BE a lady and for showing me the power of fashion. Thank you Chuck Bass for showing me that true love did exist, for teaching me to always think big and believe in my dreams.

There is no post worthy enough to express my appreciation for the past 6 years Gossip Girl has given me. Gossip Girl has been more than just a TV show to fill up an hour of my week. As pathetic it may sound, they are the friends I grew up with. There was no conflict I met without Blair Waldorf’s wit, party without Serena’s flirt, paper without Dan Humphrey’s words, mirror without Nate Archibald’s stunning smile and drink without Chuck Bass’s swig. Gossip Girl taught me that there was no war I couldn’t win and no bash I couldn’t crash. The past 6 years showed me that there is no rumor worth hiding from, because in the end- you’re no one until you’re talked about.

Thank you Gossip Girl, for everything. You know I loved it, every single second.