Furry Gray | Outfit

19 dic. 2012

I've been wanting a fur faux vest and when I saw this amazing one I fell in love, the only 'but' I could find was the fact that it is a vest, and the weather is getting bit cold so I match it with my beloved varsity jacket to cover my arms. It wasn't on purpose that the whole outfit were gray, but at the end this pieces were the ones that I like with. I guess that phrase of: "I use what I am in the mood, and it depends on how I wake up" is true, this day I had 2 exams and I was honestly tired.

Once again the shoes are the ones that make me feel complete, this lovely heels make me feel powerful and, well, tall. I need to add that my ex boyfriend hates them because he thinks they are rude and not feminine.
I am very sad because Gossip Girl is over, I just can't believe and I don't want to believe it. So I am re-watching all the seasons and searching all over the internet for any clue or any spoiler to tell me that is not over get, or there is going to be a spin off or something like that.

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