Touch of gold | Outfit

16 abr. 2013

Yay! The outfits are back! Finally, after two months of absence. My closet is having a bad time, but I am doing what I can with what I have, hopefully for my birthday I will have enough money to make a spree!
I don't know why I haven't been using this cute trench coat lately, is so soft, comfy and fashionable! (And you can use it with almost everything).

This day, when I was looking trough my clothes I find this amazing gold skirt that I only used once for new years eve and because is quite bold I decided to use it with some 'neutral' pieces. I don't love the fact that is black in the back, but I really like the material, because is soft, kind of leather but without the thickness.

I'm still looking for this season trends and which of them I like, do you have any favorite yet?


Great look girl!

do you want to follow back? ;)

Nice! I love your heels :)