Is not over | Diary

21 abr. 2013

"I decided I didn't want to be victim anymore. That's not who I am." - Spencer Hastings

I know all my friends and some of my readers are tired of the same "I was really sad" story, but I can't fake it, it's true. This time I had my biggest break down and I am really fighting to come out and start living my life again. It is really unfair how much someone can affect your life directly, someone that doesn't even deserve to be in your life. But is over, I've wasted almost a third part of my year and, no more! I've had enough.

I have to be positive, and for me, and for all the people who have been supporting me, I am back, I am not going to be playing this game forever and even if it still hurts, I know I am bigger than that, I am better than them and now I know that it takes more than even they to destroy me.


I hope you feel better soon <3