Mazatlán, Spring Break | Diary

7 abr. 2013

I'm back, I honestly had one of the most amazing (and crazy) adventures of my life this past week. As I told you before, my best friend and I decided to go backpacking for a week to Mazatlán, Sinaloa. We took thousands of photos, but we also made some Video Blogs of everything (About our food, the streets, museums, even our funny moments)

This is my instagram diary of the little-crazy vacations we had.

I will upload the videos soon, but we have to watch them first and we haven't had the time to do it.
When I say it was an adventure, is because it was. We only had 350dlls for a week (8 days and 8 nights) and we needed a place to sleep, something to eat and of course we needed money for recreation stuff.

Some of the most remarkable things that happened to us was that we had to sleep in a motel the first night, one night we were almost arrested, one day we only eat breakfast at McDonalds because we didn't have money for anything else, we ended up in a empty house from the cousin of a friend (A friend that we made that night), in the trip back we only had like 7dlls for 27 hours...

Backpacking is the best way to really get to know the city you are visiting, you can meet a lot of nice people and you find a lot of really cool stuff while walking the streets. For example, the first to days of our trip we decided to visit the 'historical center' of Mazatlán and we find a lot of cool stores, buildings and a lot of random people. I totally recommend it, is a one life experience you will never forget.
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