Sweet Summer | Outfits

12 may. 2013

I am a hater, summer is definitely the worst season for me, the polen, the bugs and the crazy wet/dry weather, agh, I hate it. But somedays I wake up with this I-love-summer-feeling and I take advantage of that! This time I decided to wear a light blue maxi dress with a beige vest (because it was quite cold in the morning) and my lovely rose-gold heels.

I have been working a lot in some school projects and at my new office, I haven't been able to do some photo shoots and honestly that makes me a little sad, but I am really excited because I am learning a lot of new things, a lot of things that I love and will help me to get what I want. Also, some really good news have been hitting on my door, everything is getting better, I can't wait to tell you more!


Love your look. Such a great color on you! Now following you :)