Sweet Nothing | Diary

17 ene. 2013

Sometimes your world seems to be perfect and you want it to last forever and because of that maybe you don't realize that things are getting boring, bad or is not the same anymore and at the time that reality hits you, in the very bottom of your heart you know is the best to end things, to make a change and move on. And of course you will be hurt and sad, I mean is your life changing, this is you growing up.

I am right now in the middle of that situation, my ex boyfriend and I broke up, and even if we talked about it and I know is the best for me because we weren't entirely happy, I wasn't happy, I feel like there is no tomorrow, I am still in love and I miss him every second, and honestly I don't know what to do to make this feeling disappear. I have been watching like 5 to 6 movies per day, listening music like crazy and going out with my friends and it is unreal how everything can remind me of who we were. I named him the best thing on my 2012 and now I have to erase every part of him and expect an amazing new year... And I ask myself, How I am supposed to forget all that corny stuff we said to each other? All the songs, all the movies, all the places ... It is very difficult to move on, it really is.

You don't need to forget anything, you need to remember how to be by yourself. I think the day you wake up and decide, "I've had enough" is the day you begin to heal yourself. You might never truly be the way you were before all the chaos took over your life, but you will be happy - happier. Just take it one step at a time. One day you will look back and everything will be just memories, no feelings at all. You will be fine, even better.