Roots and camel boots.

1 abr. 2011

Well as usual I'm late with the posts.

As you can notice I don't like to use jeans, so every time I can wear a pair of leggings I use them. Sometimes is a bad option because the weather is crazy, but I love how they look. The pictures were taken by Annie, at the backyard of the school. 
I will tell you a secret. We were spying a cute boy, hahaha. That's why the pictures were there.
I like this outfit because it's related with earth, the colors and the shapes are simple and friendly.

I'm in the moment of life that I'm questioning if I should continue or just let it go. I don't know. It's wierd because I like to post and take pictures for the blog. But, I don't have time, my readers are gone, and this is getting really depressing ... I have to make a decision.

LV oxox♥