Black and Pink | Outfit

2 sept. 2012

If you had a sackful of smiles
And you knew they would run out
Would you choose to use them wisely
Or freely give them out
What would be a fair exchange
For a smile from your sack
Would it be sufficient
To get a smile back
Would you keep them to yourself
For amusement and delight
Imagine...just a sackful of smiles
Would you really want that plight?

Life after vacations usually is the same for me, but this time, after Cancun I have to admit I'm a little bit sad, I mean, I love my life in TJ, my work, my family, my boyfriend, my friends, etc. But being in another city not worrying about anything was pretty amazing! This weeks has been exhausting, I have a lot to do, and if, school, home and work is not enough I am now a co-coordinator of the biggest fashion event in my city! It's the first time Tijuana makes something this big, hopefully it will be amazing! The event is next month, wish me luck!

Well, this was an simple outfit with solid colors and gold accessories. I really need to try to add some prints to my closet, actually this one is one of my favorites, because believe it or not it was really fresh and the skirt (actually dress) have a beautiful almost-neon pink color that I love. What do you think?