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21 jul. 2010

I'm a little obsess with the "Preppy Style" and, of course I want to use it, but my economy and the weather of my city aren't to helpful. That's why I define me as: "Preppy punk" that mix is a more cheap and more party. And I think it still looking good. 

One of my greatest influence on the fashion is the TV serie Gossip Girl, but today I'm not going to talk about it. Today is about Olivia Palermo, my resent inspiration, I found her in "The City" MTV show, and her style is so amazing, define as "Preppy" so, I start searching, and she's so cool, with her upper east sidder touch, I just love it.  It's quite frustrated because she's tiny, and she look good with all the clothes, for me is hard to look like that, because my body isn't like her's. 

I'm such a lover of the Upper East Side/New york look, tights, leggings, coats, boots, etc. That's why I love winter, So pretty clothes! When I live there I'll be the happiest person on earth!

LV oxox♥


I love Olivia

I have seen "The City" and I think Olivia is really mean -- but her style is great! I especially love that little sweater with the red roses all over it -- so cute! I can see that being "preppy punk" too, with some jeans or a pair of shorts. Love the pictures!

Great style, great pics! Love it

i love her style so much, she gets everything right and of course it helps that she is gorgeous

Great inspiration

They are inspiring me too :) love your blog btw

just found your blog and I'm following yours.
follow me back if you like.

thank you sweetie :)

I also LOVE Gossip Girl (who doesn't?). And I didn't knew that girl but she definitely has style :)

I agree with you, winter is better in that way because we have many stuff to wear but it gets expensive too :/ bah. I love Summer but I'm so exited for the Fall/Winter collection!

Hi ya,

I really like your blog and I am going to follow you xx

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I love your blog!! :)
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