Friends Vacations.

18 jul. 2010

Yes, that´s how my real hair look like :)

Well this is my "Good bye high school" summer, so I ask my mom to leave me do whatever I like, and of course she say no, but at least she give me more permisions than before.

Some pictures from last thursday with my BFF Sofia in Rosarito Beach, Also they were Tote, Waio, Mariana, Tania, Zoila(Mom of Sofia), Norma and Jose. It was fun, and we eat like homeless, and everything was nice, BUT I BURN MI SKIN! At this moment my skin is ok, but it really hurts.

-Traducción: Algunas fotos de las vacaciones con amigos, en Rosarito. Este es mi ultimo verano despidiendo la Preparatoria, así que, a jozar! Allí estaba Sofía, Tote, Mariana, Waio, Tania, Zoila(Mamá de Sofia), Norma y José. Todo estuvo super bien, solo que me queme la piel y me ardía mucho, ahorita esta bastante mejor.

LV oxox♥

PD. My Leg skin.


Ohh you had a looot of fun

Hope it was nice

OMG thank you so m,ucg for HYPE

Looks like you had fun! The picture where someone is buried to the sand is funny!
You look so pretty and wow the 'best friends' picture is AMAZING. x

Can't wait to see more of your pics