About my fallowers.

13 jul. 2010

When you open a Blog you start writing to nobody, but one day some person "clic" on "next blog" and see yours, and like it. One of the thing that make you happy, is see that other people like what you write. Those persons made my day, when I see they were fallowing me. So, this post is to thank you all, girls, for read, and comment. Thanks to be my inspiration and my motivation for every post.

"The order of factors does not alter the product."
http://skiestoinfinity.blogspot.com/ - Meme.
She´s a girl from Canada, who like to post about her life, and her thoughts, I love the easy way she write and tell all her day in one or two paragraphs. My favorite post:

http://meridianosurreal.blogspot.com/ - Cαт Eαяs.
A Strong girl from El Salvador. She write in spanish about her thoughts, her activities, but she have this special part in her blog named "el cadaver", they are phrases that make you think a little more about what you are doing, I love it. My favorite post:

http://sketchbooksix.blogspot.com/ - Johanna.
She´s one of the most inspirational girls I read. She´s from Lisbon, Her posts are about, photographers, her inspirations, of her outfits, and all about fashion. She has the most perfect smokey eyes that I´ve seen. My favorite post:

http://itsmeroxy.blogspot.com/ - Roxanne.
She´s a girl from Netherland, she´s 15 years old. She love to share things about fashion, in special nails designs and outfits every day. My favorite post:

http://fashion-fantasies.blogspot.com/ - Edith.
This little 13 years old girl, living in Netherlands, who love to write about fashion, and fashion Icons, also she post a lot of runway and trends information. My favorite post:

http://annalva.blogspot.com/ - Anannaymous.
I don´t know much about this girl, she have just 4 post, but I love the way she love her life.

http://idomakeuproom.blogspot.com/ - Two girls from mexico.
This girls have this blog as they "fashion lab prover" They like to show us, new styles and they make ups, outfits and they photos. My favorite post:

http://rationfashion.blogspot.com/ - Rene.
She´s from NYC. She´s a librarian, and she have three blogs. But, the one that Im showing you is about her daily outfits, but always with a little about her. She is Classic, friendly and fun. My favorite post:

http://barbiiraloveit.blogspot.com/ - Barbara.
Shes a girl from Mexico, she go to my ex school, and she´s my minion, and she do it so, well. I like this girl because is just she. She write in spanish, but she knows english.

http://bbyangelx.blogspot.com/- Benedicte.
A girl who love to be blogger, she´s from Antwerp. Her post are clean and fashion, all about the latest in the fashion world, and some tips, and outfits ideas. My favorite post:

Eneanni: She´s my Best Friend, and she´s not a blogger, and she´s not in the fashion nether but she always join me in all my adventures and the most important she understand all about my feelings and about why I like this.

Sofia: She´s my Best Friend, she´s not a blogger, she like clothes, but not the fashion theme, she´s dont understand this, and I think she dont like, but she always support me.

If you want to keep fallowing me, it perfect, If you want to share my blog, is OK. The only thing that I beg you, KEEP BLOGGING. Thanks for fallow.

LV oxox♥

PD. As you can see, I change the name of the blog. (Here, in nowhere) 
What do you think? I think is more fun, less poetic than the other. ¿?
I´ll make a picture to put it on the title, but I dont have time now. 
Please tell me what you think.


Thanks for the mention in the post!! I love reading your posts as well! :) I agree this title "It's like a TANK TOP" definitely sounds fun but maybe add a little description of what the title means :) It could mean something like Tank Tops are a classic piece of clothing, they're comfortable and can be worn with a thousand different things (so they have a lot of variety!) yet, they're so simple. A small description would be the cherry on top of the cake :)

Ohhh you are so cute

Thanks for the plug! You have some awesome followers here. By the way, I don't know how I get the frames around the pictures -- it isn't something I do, just something Blogger does, I guess. Might be the template I chose when I first made the blog.

Keep blogging -- you are awesome!!

Thank you so much for your mention on your blog<3
your so cute

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