My Inspiration (2)

27 jul. 2010

My favorite

Without a doubt my greatest inspiration is the TV serie Gossip Girl, my favorite of all the time. I found it in a magazine and what catched my attention was the fact that they live in New York, so I started watching it, and since the first moment I fell in love of Blair Waldorf's style. 

She's the definition of Classy, elegant and Sexy. Preppy in all angle, her signature the head band, I'll be honest with you, I wear head bands since Junior High, but when I start seeing her's, I start buying they more classic and a little more Blair look like. Always with a vintage touch, and some girly things. She always wear recognized brands, and never use jeans.

Her colors: Red and blue, and always with a touch of color in her tights or Head bands.

In the last season, she start using less the head band, and I think that is good, because she is growing up.

-Traducción: Sin duda alguna mi inspiración mas grande es la serie Gossip Girl, la comencé a ver desde la temporada uno, porque leí en una revista que vivían en Nueva York y por eso me intereso, pero desde el comienzo me encanto el estilo de Blair Waldorf, siempre clasica, elegante y sexy. 

Con sus diademas, que la verdad yo las uso desde antes de ver la serie, pero cuando comencé a notar que Blair las usaba, compraba de las mas parecidas a las de ella. En esta ultima temporada ella las esta usando menos, y yo creo que esta bien, por que ya esta madurando.

LV oxox♥


hehe i like the one with the yellow coat. I have a yellow coat but i never wear it :( i think i will bring it back out!

the red tights look soo good on her!
thank you for your sweet comments!
I love your blog <3


She's THE BEST! Such an icon

Love the pictures, Thanks for posting them