New hair, Valparaíso | Outfit

3 sept. 2013

As I said before, I don't know since when I started liking this trend, but I find it really fun and easy to match. It adds a different twist vibe to your wardrobe if you want to try something new but easy.

Well, this time I didn't wait a long time to get a plaid shirt because one of my roommies has a lot of them so I asked him to lend me one. I paired it with a graphic tee from a Mexican brand 'Mexican Fashion', skinny jeans and my beloved litas (which after a year, are finally mine).
This was the outfit I used for my trip to Valparaíso, I didn't used the litas all day long, I was also carrying a pair of sneakers, and I used them most part of the day. And if you didn't notice I dyed my hair purple-ish, and I am seriously thinking of adding a little bit more color. Not sure yet.


Hola! Que lindo outfit, por un lado sencillo pero por el otro lado un toque rockero y chic con esos zapatos que son un sueño!

Love the outer, you looks great!
Anyway, wanna follow each other ?? Just let me know ;)

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