Weeks Five and Six | Diary

8 sept. 2013

25/08/13 - 1/09/13 and 2/09/13 - 8/09/13
First of all I want to say I'm really sorry for not posting anything for the past weeks, but I was truly dying because of an infection in my throat. That's why I'm making this diary for both weeks.
Also I want to say that I GOT A JOB, two jobs, actually. I'm going to be working online with an App developer company and in Chile I'm going to be working with one of the biggest communities "Comunidad Po'" as a web developer/designer and in the photography and visuals department.

This weeks I made my first projects, one for my Special Effects class and the other one for the Photography workshop.

Also I did a trip with my class to Valparaíso and I went to two parties with the friends I made in the random 'trip' to Perú.
And as I was telling you, I didn't do a lot because I was sick, I actually missed a class because I couldn't get up (and my class was at two P.M. so, you can imagine). Beside that I went to my normal classes when I started to feel a little bit better and I went to a Chilean cuisine course.

I'm really excited with my classes, I've learn a lot and it is so much fun going into the class room, the classes are really dynamic and it's really interesting to use the equipment and being able to actually work on T.V. studios, having to write our own script, learning how to direct (which is kind of my favorite part) but also learn about Latin-American cinema, all the techniques and also learn some really kick ass software. Also, this weekend I went to Valparaiso with my friend Pato, I didn't take some photos because the trip was planned in the last minute and I left my camera at home.