Week Eight | Chile Diary

29 sept. 2013

15/09/13 - 22/09/13
If I had to define this week in one word it would be patriotic. First of all I didn't have classes (at Chile), neither work and the whole country was paralyzed because of their Independence Celebrations.
But besides that, in México we also had our Independence Celebration "El grito", two days before Chile, so it was literally a week of party. (Mom, don't get mad at me)

So, it all started on sunday, México's day we (Elena, Pato, Klaus and I) went to a mexican party at one of my workmates hostel and stayed there less than an hour because it was too crazy and even though it was a mexican party it was full of foreigners and the amount of mexicans was too little, so we came back to out apartment and conected via skype with Elena's family and watched "El grito" trough the T.V. (Of course we screamed and sang the anthem).

Then the Chilean party started, is amazing how much energy (and not to mention money) they invest in this celebration, 'fondas' all over the city (and I bet all over the country), special offers in alcohol, fast food and typical food.
I went to a fonda with all the friends, we danced, we ate a lot, we drink and I tried the typical chilean drink 'terremoto' it tastes weird, but I'm sure I'm going to miss it. Also I went to another fonda, a more traditional one which I fell in love with "Fonda Ines de Suarez".
On the 18th, which is the most important day of the week I went to a house party with one of my friends, we had dinner, some drinks and I got to spend time with a family as it was mine, it made me feel like at home for a while.
And on saturday we had a party at my place, where we played beer pong, I made some 'palomas' (a mexican drink) and we also sang and danced some typical music from México, Chile and Germany, we made our own fonda to celebrate friendship.