Spring-Summer wish list | Chile Fashion

3 oct. 2013

Trying to adapt myself on having two summers in one year, I decided to make a wish list! And well, who doesn't love making wish lists? Lucky for you, I don't have a lot of space to show everything I want, so I made this little list with the things I think are going to be my essentials.

Please remember (or if you are new here) I'm living at Chile. So here we are, changing season to from Fall-Winter to Spring-Summer, that's why I'm wearing skirts and I want more.
First of all I made a promise to myself and I'm going to start wearing colorful clothes, I realized I'm always wearing the same color palette, and even though I like it, I do want to try something new. New city, new wardrobe.
Also I want to be a little bit bolder with my jeans and also I need to incorporate more in my closet because now I own a bike and I'll be moving to go to work on it.
And well, I'm going to get here the basics I never had in my cit: shorts, military green jacket, new to-go boots and my new obsession, graphic tees. There are also some trends I would like to try like: Crop tops and skater skirts. What do you think? I made my biggest effort, but I don think this list still looks a little bit fall-ish...
This season is going to be fun and a nice challenge!


everythin´looks awesome but most of all I ´d wish those black ankle lace-up booties, they´re superb!
let´s follow each other?


Awh I really wish I could wear more interesting jeans like you're saying, I can't find any to look right :( Love that jacket though, so crazy about khaki lately
Lucy X
P.S Following you on Bloglovin' now :)
Short Girl, High Heels
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