Fear to the new trends.

20 jun. 2010

The day before yesterday, I was talking with Eneani (one of my non-fashonistas friends) about the "Trend fears". 

We were going to a breakfast and she has nothing to wear, so I start showing her my wardrobe and telling her how she can use everything and when I was more exited than ever, she said: "I dont like socks and sandals, it just..., ew" I feel my heart break and my entire world just -crack-.

I say to her, were in the hell you live?, but, well, we are in mexico, and here almost all the people have the trend fear. They just can´t take a risk in they clothes. And I just hate it!

In my opinion, this tend is absolutly cute, is the best way to add that "it" to your outfit. Is like you painting you body, I just love it. When I started using it, I just wore tights, but then I started to see the evolution of the trend, it was great just use socks (by weather), but when I first saw the open-toed shoes with socks I felt in heaven, (the first time I saw them was on the catwalk spring-summer Burberry).

Of course it depends how you use it. lol.

LV. oxox♥