Cowboy Chic.

27 jun. 2010

I just find this trend lovely. I like it a lot. The first time that I "connected" with the cowboy look was in Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" video. And I fell in love in that moment.

I started searching more about it, and now it's a huge success. Here are some pictures, so you can be inspired, create some looks and adopt it to your style. Yesterday I made use of my new boots, but I dont have the pictures, as soon I have them, I'll post them.

By Dsquared

By Ralph Lauren

By D&G

By Hermes

By Derek Lam

This trend is about use Cowboy shirts, ruffles, the American flag, "Tec Mex" Music, cowboy boots, denim, green, brown, and chill actitud. Do you like it?

LV oxox♥



I love those hats especially!

I actually LOVE Miley Cyrus' cowboy boots as well! I'm thinking of buying a pair too haha! Hopefully they won't cost a fortune for me haha x)

Oh thank you so much for your nice comment, you're lovely.
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Love, johanna

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