Lovely Trench Coat.

24 jun. 2010

Mi favorite trench Coat.

Every girl in this decade has to have a Trench Coat (or more :P) Before It was considered just for rainy days, but now, it is a esential part on every closet. 

It is a "must have" on this days, because you can wear it for whatever occasion and it looks adorable.

Maybe with a skinni jeans, or with a cute leggins, If it is long enough as a dress, or with a skirt, you never go wrong. Stylish, classic, edgy, etc. Always good. And other thing that I love about it, is the way you can adjust it to your body, with the belt, or just made a easy and trendy knot.

As you can see, there are styles for every taste.

Something Edgy.

Something more fun.

Something Classic.

Elegant. And more.

Here's the latest trends. By the way, Burberry is taking the whole market and the fame of the coats, as their latest designs are the best, it is not only applaud, of course buy it :P.
Also I leave something of Max Mara and Max Azria (one of my favorites), One of Mango with Scarlett Johansson. And some of Jean Paul Gaultier, with the new proposals for the next season.



Max Mara.

Max Azria.

Jean Paul Gaultier, the new proposals.


Trench for man.

So, wich one is your favorite? Beautiful right? I love it, because when you cant find something to wear you can always be saved by your lovely trench coat.

LV oxox♥


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Honey,I just think your blog is lovely ♥
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trenches are the best- simple, classic and they ALWAYS look chic. I'm still on the hunt for the most perfect one! great post xxx

wow! Mangoo ,,!!

ME ENCANTOOO ESE,, eii te qedoo cool :),, haha joseluis si nos sirvio de algoo ;),,
vaaz biien mensaa,, siagee asii men
gustaa un montoon tu bloog :)

wow that coats of Jean Paul Gaultier are gorgeous... You've got a very lovely blog :)

With love, Jenny

i love the second burberry coat!