Galaxy Nails | DIY

3 jul. 2012

I've always been obsessed with stars, galaxys, astrology etc, so what better way to fulfil my galaxy desire than galaxy nails! I'm not sure where the galaxy nails trend started, but after seeing it all over Tumblr, I couldn't help trying.

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To make the galaxy nails, this is what you need: A cosmetic sponge (Not in the picture), Black nail polish for the base, Blue nail polish for the base of the nebula, Pink for the next layer of the nebulae, Few bright polishes to create the rest of the nebulae and Glitter polish.

Paint your nails with the black polish.

Put some nail polish on the sponge into and then dab it onto your nails and allow to dry, then follow with other colours of your choice, just dab it until you like the combinations.

Now grab the glitter polish to create sparkling stars and apply a coat or two over your nebula and then grab a cotton bud soaked in nail varnish remover and clean up the edges. Don't forget the top coat and you’re ready!

The universe at your fingertips. I absolutely love the look of these, super easy to do and very fun! You can also add a touch of yellow or white to the galaxy, whatever you want! Tell me, did you like them? If you try this nail art let me know! Send me a picture and tell me how it went, honestly I tried like 6 times before taking the pictures, it was just a mess! Thanks to my Best friend and her sister, they are the hands-models in the pictures!


Wow, nunca lo hubiera pensado, me encantan. :) <3

me encantaron :D
siempre veo tutoriales y no les creo que queden así de padres pero a tí sí te voy a creer :P

Haha, intentanlo y me dices como te fue!! <3

I think your galaxy nails are soo cool <3
I really really really like them and I will try them myself :D