Pto. Peñasco, Summer Vacations | Diary

16 jul. 2012

Yay! I am back. Last week I went to Puerto Peñasco, Sonora with my dad! It was a pretty relaxing week all day in the pool or the beach, waking up late, watching TV with my little sister (we're obsessed with Friends) and eating a lot of delicious food, luckily my dad is not a sea food lover so most of the time we eat meat, salads and more salads. My ex boyfriend borrowed me his iPad and I took a lot of pictures with instagram because it was easier than the big DSLR camera, so I made a little photo journal of my trip to the beach! I tried to wear only dresses that week but I couldn't is not "my thing".

Now I have a lot to do, photos to edit and take, write and I have to go back to work! Ugg I really need like 3 months of vacations!


I'm glad you enjoyed these vacations, well deserved.