Nude Dress | Outfit

3 jul. 2012

Well, I am getting really obsessed with nude, white and gold. This was the outfit I used in the graduation of my ex boyfriend's brother. Asymmetric nude dress, gold belt and the most amazing pair of shoes I own. This day I use them for the very first time and I cannot be happier with them! They are amazing, I love the color, the heel and the fabric, everything! Also I painted my nails blue mint and used a vintage oversized pearl necklace to give a little bit of color to the look. For the hair I made a beautiful 'sock bun' which I have to say I fell in love and now I use it almost daily, soon I will make a quick DIY tho show you how you can make it!

The beautiful baby you can see in the picture is my boyfriend's little sister, isn't she lovely?! She is really cute, and I am really happy because she trust me and she likes to be with me (sometimes more that with her brother!) She makes my days super sweet!


no conocía tu blog he estado hachando un vistazo a tus looks y son geniales me encantan tus fotos y todo tu blog en general ya tienes tu seguidora nº 51 y vas a superar los 2000 en nada como sigas así, bueno lo dicho que nos veremos mucho por aquí besitossss