"Belles de Jour"

14 nov. 2010


This photos were taken by: Arianne Robles, shes the master with the black and white.

Well, as usual I've been busy, but this week was all fun! We had the Expo IDGD, it was super cool. 
I helped a little with all I can, and everything was a succes!

And guess what? it's winter! cold is here! Actually I have flu right now, but I don't care, I love cold winters!

And, it's good, because I return to my old style, you know tights, long hair and all of that stuff. Is good to be back, so, I'm hopping my dad can give me a camara for christmas, if that doesn't happen I don't know what I'm going to do, maybe I'll steal one. Okay, just kidding. 
Have a nice week!

PS. The camara is from one of my teachers: Fabian Bautista

LV oxox♥