35mm SRL

12 mar. 2011

Let my introduce you my camera. Is a Single reflex lent, Cannon, 35mm and of course it works. I have two films to reveal. When I do it, I will show you the best photos, each one of them come with 24 pictures and I hope at least I have 2 o 3 good ones.
I love photography and I'm learning how to use the manual SLR, which is kind of difficult because we are use to just take the picture and that's it. Well, with this one you have to check everything: ligth, distance and more. I feel really powerful when I'm at school walking with my camera.

The pictures were taken by Annie at one of the many and beautiful gardens we have at school.
This outfit represents my rocker side, I like it because I look kind of rude and girly at the same time.

LV oxox♥


Love it, i want to have a camera like that to.

This is a great jacket! The pictures of you taking pictures are super cute, too!