Full glass

23 oct. 2011

I did not have any idea about how to name this entrance... While ago I read in my glass of soda: "Half empty, half full ... either way, it is time for a refill. Just the way it is." And well, they are right, sometimes you feel like all is shity and nothing good comes to you, but in a blink of an eye you realize that you have more than you thought. So I conclude that, the glass is always full! Half air, half 'something', but it still full! That is why I decide to name the post: full glass.

This week has been one of the best weeks of the year so far. I had a lot of fun, I ate like a queen and I did a lot of things that I love with the people I love.

Tuesday: One of my best friends get marry!! So I spend all my day with her and another good friend of middle school. I cried like crazy the whole day.
Thursday: I went to a fashion show, I met one of my cousins and I eat an amazing Italian sandwich, which I cannot forget.
Friday: My boyfriend and I went to Six Flags in San Diego, I had the time of my life; we rode on 11 or 12 roller coasters, we eat a lot of munchies, it was just fun and fun!
Saturday: I had a photoshoot with Utopia Models, they were only two models but we booked another photoshoot for the next weekend!
Sunday: I took pictures of my little sister again, because I need them for one of my final projects at school.

I cannot wait to show you the pictures of the most amazing five days of my year! Hope you have an amazing week!