"While you weren't sleeping"

5 feb. 2011


Sorry for the date on the pictures, I totally forgot about that.
Well, as you can see, this pictures are old. I haven't been busy this weeks, but that is only because I'm in the beginningo the semester, like last semester. I think that in 3 weeks I wont be able to post calmly like I'm doing it now. I don't know why my time is running so fast, I really don't have so many things to do, just my classes and a little bit of homework. Probably I don't post as frequently because now I have mobile web and I'm not that much in the computer.
So, I'm sorry for the poor post, but I don't have time, and I'm frustrated because I don't even know why. I promisse I'll work on that.
Have a nice week!

This outfit was just about fun, I was at my career cordinator's office, and my best friend Annie took the photos. I love this scarf, is really warm and funny. I love the color of the blazer, I know it's a spring color, but I like to break the rules, so, here I am.

LV oxox♥