Brand new.

22 may. 2011

I've decided to change the blog's name for something more personal.

When I first started, I said that this blog would be more of a diary but I didn't follow my own idea, but now I will. I didn't like the direction this was headed.
I spend a lot of my time editing this new layout and I took a little more time finding out what would be the new name. I hope you like it and of course, enjoy it. Tell if you like it or not.

This weekend was really exciting! I had my first job as a Photographer, let me tell you. One of my old friends have his own Model Company and He knows that I like photography, so, he ask me if I would like to make a photoshoot with 'his girls' and you all ready know the answer, I said yes! I had a lot of fun!! It was a little tired, but definitely is my thing! Now I'm working on the pictures when I finish them I will show you the final product. It will take a while because there were nine models and my friend want five pictures of each one.


Hi, I noticed english is not your native language i found some mistakes on your descriptions, don't worry I don't judge just making those observations because it's hard to read sometimes . but love your blog