Nice to meet you...

8 may. 2011


I'm working on the design of my presentation card. Is really dificult because with it goes the first impression. I like bold design, I like taking risks but I'm not so sure that Mexico is ready for this new generation. While I was searching for information and ideas, I saw millions of differents presentation cards. Here I made a compilation of the ones I liked the most. They are unic, breaking rules, with full colors, differents shapes and really like that, I wish I could do mine like that, but for now I can't be that risky, first: I'm not a recognized designer and second: In my country desing is kind of conservative.

One of my biggest dreams is change that, give to people te opportunity to see the world in different ways, give to design a real meaning for all the viewers and of course go to another level with it, because I'm truely sure that design can change the world.


Thanks for your comment! :-)