Summer time.

14 may. 2011


I'm not a huge fan of summer, but I love the colors and shapes that come with it. All the flowers and the good mood of everybody (exept mine) haha. I'm starting to like it, I don't think I have more options, lately the weather has been crazy and even with the sun on the top is cold and some times is rainy so, yes, I kind of like summer. I have to learn how to like it. 

I'm almost done with 2nd semestrer of the Uni, I'm truly happy! Some days when I'm walking through the school  I can't believe that I'm actually there. I love it! Is my passion! Design, Photography, my friends, all that has happen at school has been good to me and to my life, I really thank God for this opportunity, for the few bad things that become nothing compared to all the good things that has happen to me. I wouldn't change a thing.

I'm working on a 'new look' for the blog! I'm really exited and hope you love it to! At school I'm learning how to program and I'm doing a new template for 'It's like a tank top'!! I can't wait to change it!

Tell me, how your summer goes? Is summer in your country?