Casual Friday | Outfit

3 feb. 2013

The name of this outfit tells everything right? This outfit if from last week and this day I went with my friends for some beer after school. I am in love with my new look, even if the 90% of the people don't recognize me and everybody says I look younger, I really like the bangs and the length of my hair is actually pretty cool. And well because they cut off all the bad hair now it looks really healthy and soft.

This look was really comfy and simple. Black oversize top, acid wash jeans and my beloved green and blue cardigan, I love that cardigan I believe I had it since high school and even if it has short sleeves I use it a lot on winter. It is an oversize cardigan and sometimes I use it as a top. And then I layered one of my favorite scarfs to keep me warm and to give a little texture to the outfit. Usually this is how I dress everyday, really comfortable and simple.


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Si voy muchas veces a San Carlos a pasear, porque mi marido es de Sonora :))

Te mando un beso !

Cerca ? vives a 10 horas de allá ? jajaja, para los Mexicanos todo queda cerca, pero para los Franceses, esta muy lejo ! :)

hey girl juss came across ur ur look! wld love it if you would drop by my blog and follow if u like :D

Te he nominado en mi blog, pero no es una obligacion ;)

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