Contrasts Photoshoot.

7 dic. 2010

Warm-cold contrasts
Pure color contrasts
Complementary contrasts 
Simultaneous contrasts 
Quality contrasts 
Quantity contrasts 
Light-dark contrasts

As I promise, here they are, the seven color contrasts's photoshoot. 
Thanks to all of my friends, I love you girls so much!
You all inspire me to do diferent things, to be bold, to be better, thanks to give me the opportunity to start working in what I love.

My work in my career's blog.

LV oxox♥


Me encantó la de Annie
Saludos Luisa

wow they are stunning! jope, me encantan!!

Awesome! These are very striking photos. Good work!

they're good but i sense awfull lot of photoshop.
but great work