The new guys on the closet.

29 dic. 2010

Camel High heel boots.
Oxford shoes.
Black ankle boots.
Vintage Backpack. 
Gossip Girl Dvd's 
Hair straightener. 
Motorcycle leather jacket. 
Black Little dress. 
Black Coat. 
Something like a sweater, cardigan, vest. 

Here are some pictures of my christmas presents. I can't wait to use them. Now in my city is raining as hell, so, I can't go outside and take pictures, I know rain is cute, romantic and a little enigmatic, but I hate being wet, and besides that, the wind is really strong. So I'll have to wait, until the weather change for something decent.

As I said before, I have a camera, and I'm going to do something like a diary, "the picture of the day". Is one of the many projects that I have. Hope you like them.


Estas son las fotos de algunos de los regalos de navidad, no puedo esperar para usarlos, y tomar fotos, tengo mucho sin subir un outfit a lookbook, lo único malo es que ahorita esta lloviendo horrible y no me gusta salir con ese clima. Así que esperare a que se calme un poco.
Ahora, como ya tengo cámara, podre cumplir uno de los proyectos que tengo: "la foto del dia" sera como un diario, pero no tanto de lo que paso, si no de lo que vi. Espero les guste.

LV oxox♥ 


Where did you get the black ankle boots? Brand?