Beloved maxi-skirt

19 ago. 2011

One of my favorite looks of the month, it was so comfortable and fresh, also it was funny I felt like a gypsy or something like that. People were starring at me like I was crazy or something, but I was really happy. I cannot get enough of my hair, is my favorite accessory, I totally love it, the curls, the frizz, the color, everything!
Now I am looking for some extra classes, like maybe dance, or analog photography again, or serigraphy, probably I will take them all. I am getting crazy with my computer, I cannot do anything here, I do not know what is happening but the browsers are not working well, so I have to make the post in my cell phone and then post it from school. And I am getting sick of this!

There is the first sketch of MARGO the character with I am working on right now.


Uno de mis conjuntos favoritos del mes, me sentía muy cómoda y fresca, aunque parecía una gitana o algo por el estilo, fue divertido. La gente me miraba como rara, pero yo me sentía muy a gusto. No me canso de mi cabello, me fascina! El color, la forma, el frizz, TODO!
Ahorita estoy buscando clases extras, tal vez tomare fotografía análoga de nuevo, o serigrafía, probablemente entrare a las tres. Me estoy volviendo loca gracias a la computadora de mi casa, los buscadores no quieren servir y tengo que hacer los posts desde mi celular y después publicarlos desde la escuela, y ya me estoy hartando. No se que hacer.

Les dejo el boceto de MARGO el personaje que estoy ilustrando en estos momentos.


very nice hippie style :)

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