Blazer | Outfit

7 jun. 2012

Well, I am finally free! 4th semester is over! I have a lot of plans for the summer, including 2 trips, and a lot of photo-shoots! Also, I am making very big plans for next year, I can't really say anything but I am pretty excited. This outfit was one of my favorites, because is simple and classic, I love the contrast of the heels with the black blazer. It's funny how you guys can notice when I am on vacations or something, is the only way to post pictures of my outfits ... You wouldn't recognize me in a 'normal school day'. Next semester is going to be really interesting, my schedule will have a big change because my classes are going to be at afternoon-night, I will have to work in the mornings and I don't have any idea when I will do my homework or at what time I will be at the gym. I have a lot of expectations for this half of the year, hopefully everything will be as perfect as it have to be.