Purple beat | outfit

19 jun. 2012

I am officially in vacations, and I haven't been really busy, some projects per week, gym, food, and all that stuff. I've been watching Glee and I am kind of obsessed now. Also, I have a family trip coming soon, I don't know if I am going to have internet there, meeh ... Let's see what happen. Honestly I've been dressing really bad these days, my clothes are not inspiring anymore, I get bored very easily, hopefully next month I'll go shopping and I will recover my love to dress nicely. This outfit though I think is really cool, simple, chic and very different to what I use to wear, I really like it, maybe my new style is coming. I am in love of those shoes, but something really bad happen! One of them is totally broken, I fell off the stairs and the heel broke. So, this was the last time I use them ...
What do you think, too simple or nice?