Maggie R. | Featuring

13 jun. 2012

She's my friend from school, we are not studying the same. Her biggest dream is live in Germany and work in AUDI, she's studying Mechatronic engineer and what I like the most about her is the love she have for her career, she loves fashion and clothes and all kind of girly stuff, but she is also happy talking about cars and getting dirty in the workshop. When I am with her I am always laughing, she have the facility to make my laugh. My ex boyfriend was taking the pictures for the blog and Maggie was walking around so we called her to take the pictures together, she was very mad because one teacher gave her a bad grade, she's such a good actress, she looks really happy and relax... But at the end of the day the teacher realize she was doing some weird math and gave her a better grade.

This outfit was my favorite of the week, the lace skirt is actually a dress, gold details made the outfit look a little bit elegant and the pumps added the total feeling. I am totally in love of that pair of shoes, they are perfect! I can use them with everything in my closet! Pure perfection in a little box!


I loved the penultimate photo, both are beautiful but, I honestly love my daughter's face =)