Interior decor | Design

25 jun. 2013

How many times have you dreamed about your grown up home? I have been pretty obsessed with pinterest and tumblr lately, and I can't help my self, I can spend hours and hours looking at those pictures wondering how is going to be my country house, my office, my mom's home, etc.

I selected my favorites, and the line of design I would like to have. Following the decor trends, white, wood and metals are a must to have an amazing house, but one of my concerns is that, I am not sure if that could be a home, I don't imagine my little nephews running around this kind of houses.

I love white big spaces with subtle pops of color, high ceilings, big couches, clear and enormous windows and touches of wood, to warm up a little bit the spaces.


There comes a time wherein I dream about my dream house too! I love all these modern designs :D

What sucks about these really lovely, crisp modern spaces is that they aren't meant for kids or big families, you know?

so nice!!!!