Militar Varsity | Outfit

16 jun. 2013

I've always been a fan of the military trend, but I don't really have elements in my closet related to that trend. So I tried to make my own military look mixing colors that reminds me to that trend. Also I used my heart-shaped sunnies to make it a little softer.

I've been really busy, my life is pretty chaotic right now, I don't know why I don't feel like I am on vacations, I have a lot of work at the office, and I am planning a lot of photo shots, also I am doing some other projects with my friends and I haven't been able to sleep all day. My friends and I are planning to go into another road trip, I am very excited!!
Last saturday I went to my first class of Objective-C and I got to say I'm obsessed with learning. I just love being able to do things by my own and I can't wait to make my own iphone app.


Great outfit! Love your sunglasses!!

Nice blog darling :)
Do you wanna to follow each other ?
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La chaqueta esta buenisima!