Neutral Pop | Outfit

30 jun. 2013

It's official, summer is heating! The time to use skirts and dresses is here.
And as you may imagine I totally love skirts, I like the fact that you can mix them with a lot of elements and create a lot of different looks. This time choose to wear a neutral palette sending the attention to my heels. 

As you can notice in my looks, I am not a trend follower -at least not for now- I do like a lot of trends and I wish I could have the money and the time to be able to follow the trends at the moment and mix them with my style, but for now I buy clothes that I feel are timeless and that I know I will be capable to mix with a lot of other stuff in my closet. That's why when I buy shoes I go crazy, I love to buy color full and chunky heels because I know they will add a little edge to my outfit. 
What do you think about it? What do you use as your secret weapon to give a little life to your outfits?