Update | Diary

23 jun. 2013

I have been really lazy lately, now that I don't have school I spend most of my day at bed of hanging out with my friends. I only wake up to go to my work, but I only work part time so the rest of the day seems so long and calm. But I have to admit I got quite tired of that, so I started to look for more projects with my friends and of course a lot of photo projects, also some trips around my city.

I cut my hair shorter for its own good, and I decided not to dye it this time, even if I want to be a red head again, it needs a rest. Also I've been planning some photo series with my friends and also I have been doing collaborations with some cool online magazines. And I have seen a lot of movies with my best friend Carlos. How are you doing at you vacations? Do you have any plans already?


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