290613 | Playlist

29 jun. 2013

There is a part of my that is a big fan of some groups or singers and I can listen to their songs in eternal replay, but this month I felt tired of 'my' music, I was desperate to listen to new groups, new songs, something different. So I asked my friends for new music and I didn't like anything, until I went back to some groups I had only listened to one song and I did my research, that's how I re-find Grouplove (and I find out that they will launch a new disc) and re-find Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, and well, the new single from 30STM is quite amazing, I love the beat.

I hope this section at my blog can help some of you in this kind of situations, and please if you have any new recommendation send it to me, I need new music in my playlists!


ahh that grouplove song is on my latest play list too!! It's great <3