In the meantime | Diary

11 jul. 2013

Life is going so good, I am really excited about all the changes my life is going trough. I have to admit, I am really proud of myself, even though I went trough a really hard time, I am still here, I am getting stronger and I am building a new life. I feel happier than ever.

I haven't been able to dress up and take photos of my outfits because I spent most of my time at home or with my friends just hanging out, resting and not caring about a lot of stuff, and well, I guess you can imagine the "Not caring a lot outfit"; jeans, boots and a top. This time I am actually living on vacations, I can wake up late and do nothing if I want. Having fun, sleeping a lot and eating deliciously.

How your vacations are going? Did you travel somewhere? Are working or just resting like I am?
Whatever your answer is, just have fun! We came here to do what we love!