New Adventure | Diary

19 jul. 2013

Green's life diary is moving to the very south, let's go to Chile

Remember that I have been 'hiding' some plans for you, and I am always talking about how excited I was, but never told about, well, I am going on a student exchange to Chile for the next 6 months!

I am excited as hell, I have been keeping this secret from you guys for almost 3 months and I can't hold it anymore. I am flying next week. I didn't told you before because I didn't wanted to get excited until it was totally true, and well I have my flying tickets, so now it is official!

I will open another section in the blog, called "Chile exchange" (very original, huh?) where I will post about my experience here and I think pretty much everything I'll be doing for the next six monts!
Wish me luck! See you at Chile!