L.A. Memories | Diary

13 jul. 2013

Yesterday I had another great adventure with my best friend AC. This time the story took place at Los Angeles, Ca. We only went there for one day and we were totally clueless about the place we were actually going.

And as you can imagine I also took some photos of the city, mostly of the beautiful breathtaking architecture, in which I have been really interested lately.

The moment we arrived to Downtown L.A. I fell in love, the people, the movement, the architecture, the infinite number of options of things to do. I was amused.
The reason why we went there, was because I needed to do some paper work, I actually had an appointment at noon, so we leaved Tijuana at 7.40 a.m. to be on time.

We arrived to L.A. at 11.20 a.m. and went directly to the place I had my appointment. I had the wrong address. I was desperated, I was sure the building was supposed to be "there", but it wasn't. I almost started crying but my friend didn't let me and we started to look for some place with WIFI to confirm the address, we ended in some offices where they helped us and told us we were like half an hour away from our destiny, and they gave us the instructions from google maps. We had to took the subway (which I have to say IS AMAZING!!) and another Bus and then, voila! There I was, 3 hours later.

When I knocked on the door, the lady told me that they were closed, the office hours where from 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. To be honest, my world fell down, I almost started crying and then I said "We were lost, I'm from Tijuana" and they looked at my like I had made the longest trip on the world and after some calls they made, they finally gave me the things I was there for.
Things got better, I was really happy with my papers. We went to Johnny Rockets to eat something, then we went to the LACMA Museum, and we decided to risk our 10:00 p.m. passes back home and we went to Hollywood. We asked and we took a bus to the Hollywood blvd. When we arrived we were super excited, looking everywhere like little kids, searching for stars from people we liked. Then we saw at the Dolby Theater the premiere of Pacific Rim!! It was incredible!!

And well, we had to came back to take our bus and, guess what? We didn't had any idea of where was the station or how we could get there, we asked a lot of people and we took the subway in the direction we tough it will be, then we took a little bus but we didn't recognize anything, I was very afraid. Then, after like 8 minutes I saw the logo from the station and started screaming and almost crying because we made it! We actually made it! When we arrived the bus was already gone (10.18 p.m.) so, we asked if we could take the next one and they accepted, we waited until the next one and we arrived home safe and sound.

I mean, it was quite irresponsible from us, but it was a great adventure. Have you ever had a random adventure like this? Or even crazier?


Como siempre bellisimas fotografias <3