Mexico City Memories | Diary

30 jul. 2013

As a part of this amazing adventure I'm living, I made a scale in México city, and without planning it, happens that my best friend was there for vacations, so, we did a little trip around the historical center, and even though in one day you can't really visit all places, we went to the important ones and had a blast! - Thank you fate!

Remember few months ago I went to Mazatlan with my best -girl- friend? Well, this was the perfect excuse to enjoy some time with my best -boy- friend and walk around the city, because we will not see each other in 6-7 months. I slept like 3 hours, because the next morning I wanted to visit as much as possible.
We visited the Zocalo, some ruins, the Cathedral, Bellas Artes and some other places you will see in the photos.
The quality is not as good as always because I took them with the iPhone, I didn't wanted to be around a unknown city with my big camera.
An well, being proud of my roots, I totally recommend you to visit Mexico City, the architecture is breath taking and the food is the best thing on the world!


hermoso <3

Me encanta la cuidad de México, pero que pena que sea tan alta, siempre estoy fatal cuando voy !