Pink Moon | Photography

25 jul. 2013

This vacations I really wanted to have a lot of work, to improve my skills and have a bigger portfolio. I took some pictures of my sister and I used them to learn how to create perfect skin. I did learn it, but I didn't wanted to exaggerate and I only fixed her skin a little bit. Also I learned how to use Action Scripts in photoshop, and how to create them, which I have to say is amazingly useful.

I have to admit I am a little obsessed with my sister as a model, I just love her weird features, her big eyes and strong nose. I also feel she's really good at it -some times I catch her studying poses.
For this shoot I wanted her without any makeup, no big hair or colorful clothes, just as natural as possible, to create a sweet and natural atmosphere around the photo.

You can see all the photos in HD HERE


Amo el trabajo de las 2 <3